Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Moments in Managing History: Part IV

Crazy managers never get old. Well, they get old physically, and mentally, and I assume that's part of what triggers the whole "crazy" aspect of their demented personality, but watching them do dumb shit and pointing and laughing really never gets old.

Case in point - John Gibbons. He's no newcomer to Crazytown. In July of 2006, Gibbons challenged utility man Shea Hillenbrand to a fight during a closed doors team meeting. Hillenbrand moved himself into the manager's doghouse after bitching that nobody in the front office congratulated him for adopting a child*, and was subsequently traded three days after Gibbons' chest-thumping. A month later, the famous Ted Lilly confrontation happened. Watch this video, and while doing so, please notice Roy Halladay's complete and utter indifference to the fact that his fellow pitcher and his manager are fighting in the stadium tunnel. Classic stuff.

*Who the fuck gets mad over something like this? Was Hillenbrand also insulted when fellow players didn't acknowledge a new pair of sneakers? What about a new haircut? Did lack of recognition send him into a fit of depression? No wonder this dickhead is no longer in the league.

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