Tuesday, February 17, 2009

League Trash is Treasured in L.A.?

The Dodgers sure do love a nice, heaping pile of hot garbage. Or maybe, recycling? Either way, they're taking franchise pride in herding a handful of busted-up, broken-down pitchers, and trying to scrape out any last bit of talent these guys have left.

Camp invitees include:

1. Jeff Weaver - last seen putting up a gaudy, 7-13, 6.20 ERA statline for Seattle in '07
2. Eric Milton - Hasn't posted a sub-5.00 ERA since 2004, out of baseball last season
3. Shawn Estes - hasn't made more than 22 appearances as a starter or reliever in over 5 years

Is this another one of Ned Colletti's wacky experiments? And by "experiment" I mean "dumb-fuck idea". And by Ned Colletti, I mean "mustached dickhead with the brain-power of a stapler". Get the picture?

Maybe instead of wasting time with "reclamation" projects, the team should concentrate their efforts on erasing from memory Jason Schmidt's Carl Pavano-esque performance, or the millions of dollars the team had to literally eat to ship out Andruw Jones's fat fucking worthless ass. Or do fans in L.A. really not give a shit that their front office is being run by a guy who probably couldn't even run a lemonade stand without help from his parents?

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