Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Letter to the Editor - Dutchess County's Finest

I love newspaper editorials. And by "love" I mean "despise". When I think about the people who are so infuriated by something they read in their local paper that they feel it's necessary to tell some dip-shit writer that they're 'wrong', I smile. It's the same kind of smile that creeps its way across my face, from one ear to the other, when some dickhead rushes past me, bumps my shoulder, stumbles, and then trips and breaks an ankle.

(signs contract for direct flight to hell)

So, after several weeks of reading these pitiful attempts at self-righteousness, I decided to breakdown one from this past Sunday's New York Post. Break out your inner-moron, because it's a real brow-beater.

Torre is not a liar...

Yes he is. He told me he would always be there for me, and now he's gone *sniff*.

The Yankees did not show him respect at the end, and they deserve everything he said about them.

I'm assuming he means "Steinbrenner" when he says "Yankees". I'm also assuming this man wrote his letter with a fat, red crayon.

Yankee fans are fans only because they live in New York and the team wins more than anyone else.

AK - did you write this? Does this ring true for anyone who lives in a city and likes said city's sports team? If so, this is worse statement in the history of retards writing to their local paper.

Steinbrenner was the first person to drastically overpay and set the tone for free agency, which the lousy court system allowed.

Fuck yes to Communism! How dare baseball players share any of the owner's revenue, when they only bring in the crowds, sell the merchandise, and provide the stories - those fucking drones!

This is what is letting the rich win and the poorer teams generally lose.

Welcome to America.

If you can't accept what Torre did, just open your eyes and rethink what the rich, greedy Rodriguez and the rest of them have done.

So, now it's A-Rod's fault that he gets paid millions of dollars? Or is it Steinbrenner's? Or the Yankees in general? Or the lousy courts? Your argument is more confusing than watching "Lost" drunk.

Manny Ferreri
Pawling, NY

Now, I understand people's petty need to have their irrelevant viewpoints heard - me - but if you can't formulate a simple "Letter to the Editor", then you shouldn't be allowed to complain. This guy - who I'm sure is easily confused by collective bargaining and arbitration - sounds like someone who would also argue the merits of more playoff teams and the MVP Award only going to players on playoff teams. Why? Because they're stupid arguments, and he's a stupid person.

You see what I did there?

BallHype: hype it up!

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Mister Turkey said...

I am absolutely dumber for having read that guy's comments.
Besides, I'm a Yankee fan because blue and white go good together. Shows what he knows!