Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My 2 3 Blogs: 2009 MLB Preview Edition - The Toronto Blue Jays

Not content with barraging their own respective audiences with dick jokery, the authors of Why's My Head Growing? and 3:10 To Joba are working together. The goal? To provide 30 team previews slathered in truth sauce and degrading humor. Yes, that is the world trembling. Previews will rotate weekly between sites. Wear a cup.

Today we have an exclusive special guest contributor to the season previews. Lloyd the Barber runs the Jays blog Ghostrunner on First, one of the best blogs found across the interwebs. As a Jays fan he comes to you ingrained with a sense of hopelessness for his beloved team's plight that allows for him to write a far better post that I ever could. Do enjoy.

Follow the link for the full preview.