Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Return of King George, Sort of

In a last gasp attempt to instill the fear of God into his drugged-up, free-swinging players, George Steinbrenner made an appearance earlier today at Steinbrenner Field. He arrived in the Steinbrenner luxury sedan, accompanied by armed Steinbrenner guards, and was whisked away in a motorized Steinbrenner wheel-chair. Onlookers confirmed that he was indeed wearing the awkward combination of blazer over mock-turtleneck.

Also on hand was tossed-aside hero Bernie Williams, who is getting ready to play for Puerto Rico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic, and probably never felt the urge to smash a shovel over the head's of George Sr's wonder brothers, Hank and Hal.

Not present was former Yankee slugger-for-three-months-back-in-2000, Glenallen Hill, who is presumed armed and dangerous - please approach with caution.

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