Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is a Terrible Idea

There are two things that bother me about this article. Well, there is about 7,000 things that bother me about the article, the person and the other persons involved, but let me stick to just two.

Annnnnd here we go:

1) If you've recently been cut from a team, kicked out of Caribbean Winter League, and been mocked by every writer, manager, scout, player and janitor in the baseball world, you DO NOT turn down a non-roster invite with a major league team when there's less than three weeks left before the start of Spring Training.

2) Why, Brian? Why? Why even waste time? Why even take a look? It's like asking a dealer to test drive the car with three wheels - it's not going to work out. Is there not enough media attention on your fucking team? Do you really want some out-of-shape blob dragging along extra cameramen and beat-writers? No! So just stop. Stop it now.


HZMLS said...

1) Andruw obviously is full of pride. He is coming off of being paid 14 million a year. Its like this...If you were fired as President of Merrill Lynch, and were offered a job as a janitor would you take it?

2) Who cares? Isn't a reclaimation project worth it for chump change?

Doc Holliday said...

1) If I was just fired from being the President of Merrill Lynch, first I would take all of the money I banked over the years, and roll around in it until I got tired. Then I would go out and drive my yacht around until I got tired of that. Then I would...

2) My point is - this reclamation project is a waste of time. He's done. And the media army that comes with him is unnecessary, especially since the Yankees will be under even more scrutiny after spending $4,987,523,098 this offseason.