Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because Who Doesn't Have $1,000 to Spare?

Who says there's no money in garbage? There's plenty of it. Plenty, I tell you. Have you ever dug through a can on the corner of Lexington Avenue? It's like a fucking piggy bank.

The Yankees proved this theory true, yesterday, coming to terms on a $10M deal with the city to take down the old Yankee Stadium - *clears throat* the Cathedral of Baseball.

The Yankees are also taking their time in doing so, plucking valuable pieces of memorabilia as the tear apart "The House That Ruth Built". And if you're looking to get your pudgy little hands on a pair of seats, you better have $2K lying around. But who doesn't these days? The economy is booming, promotions are flying, and the world is bowing to the power of the dollar. So go on, you stingy bastard, blow your kid's college fund on a dozen seats from the Mezz. Hopefully they retain the smell of piss!


Mister Turkey said...

Not that I'd even pay $1,000 to have one of those seats, but I think they could have demanded(and gotten) much more per seat. There are some crazy fucks out there with nothing better to do than spend tens of thousands of dollars on bullshit.

Doc Holliday said...

Agreed. I think my hatred spews from the fact that I want a pair, and can't justify buying one right now.