Monday, March 23, 2009

Define "Market Value"

We've all been involved in a heated sports conversation with some dip-shit about the economic feasibility of baseball when they inevitably drop the old, "Nobody is worth $XX million to play a stupid game".

You will mostly hear this statement come from the mouth of an intellectual prick who has lots of flowing hair, sparkling teeth, and he's usually wearing a sweater that's worth more than a kilo of heroin. The proper response to this asinine remark is to bash him in the face with the leg of your chair or grab his head and push it through a plate-glass window. If neither of these are viable options, then ask him this: If you work for a company that survives heavily on your performance, then how can you not be worth a large chunk of that company's income?

As much as said douche may think his role as a fucking Wall Street Trader is important, he could fall off a cliff tomorrow, be replaced on Wednesday, and the machine will be back in full gear by Thursday, Friday the latest. But if CC Sabathia suddenly disappears, the Yankees will have a much, much tougher time replacing him. It's simple, really - these guys get paid millions of dollars to generate larger sums of millions of dollars. It's all relative.

Let's say you work for some internet advertising company. You get paid in the low six-figure range to sell online ad space. This is as far as your talents go. So, what makes you think you're worth anything more? The scale of revenue you drive for your company is relative to your salary. If you can sell out Yankee Stadium closing a deal with Proctor & Gamble, then maybe you should get a raise. But that whole, "it's just a game" bullshit, well, it runs deeper than that. The same thing goes for the old-timers who say they would've played for free. Not now, you wouldn't. When you realize your "company" is making millions off your face, your image, your jersey, your performance, why the fuck would you do it without serious compensation? In 1950, you could count the number of televised games on one hand. Now, there's a whole channel dedicated to it. Times change. People need to start getting over their haterism and understand that some player's salaries may seem astronomical, but when you sit back and take-in what the "company" is getting in return, it's peanuts. Or peanuts to the Steinbrenner's, at least. Don't believe that the Yankees need any taxpayers help - they don't. It's a ploy. And a smart ploy at that.

If you, Mr. Paul & Shark polo shirt wearing asshole, don't understand that there's more to the "game" in this day and age, then I'm not sure you should be making more than minimum wage. Sort of like an expendable player making the league minimum.

You see what I did there?


Mister Turkey said...

I thought they just played for fun. And so they don't have to wait in line at Scores...

Anonymous said...

I hear what your saying but it doesnt make it right you insensitive bastard!!!!!!!!!!!