Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dragging on a Dead Story, by J-Paps

"I call this Nantucket Steel"

Who doesn't love a loud-mouth closer who takes shots at departed players almost seven months after the fact? You don't? And you don't either? And you too? Shit, I seriously misjudged my audience.


Well, that's exactly what Jonathan Papelbon is doing - calling out Manny Ramirez about his antics last season. And what astoundingly homosexual magazine did Papelbon choose to be his forum? Esquire, of course! The home of closeted gays and articles about lasting longer during sex. What guy over the age of 17 wants to last longer? I thought the point was to beat your partner and fall asleep while they lie there unsatisfied?

Anyway...I'm not against a player calling out a teammate, as long as it happens in the same season and said player is still on the team and it eventually results in a physical altercation. But who really cares about what happened last season? I know that Papelbon isn't the smartest guy on the planet - but he should have used the swim technique when presented with a Manny question, and moved onto to better shit - like instead of resigning Jason Varitek and flushing $5 million down the toilet, how many Dodge Chargers and POD concert tickets - with backstage option - would Paps have bought?

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