Friday, March 20, 2009

Lenny Dykstra: Bigotry is Sweet

Nobody's ever confused Lenny Dykstra with a Harvard Grad student. Shit, I don't think anyone's ever confused Dykstra with a mildly retarded window washer. But throughout the sports world, Dykstra (up until right was revered for using a seemingly non-existent brain to build an investment empire and found an "athletes-only" magazine, making tons of cash for himself, and anyone willing to trust him in the process.

Well, that's just about over with...

The New York Post's Kevin Coughlin wrote an article about being a former Dykstra employee. Coughlin said Dykstra ragged on women, minorities and gays and used employees credit cards for his own expenses. Here's a nice blurb to get a taste:

Dykstra bragged about putting three black men and a woman (though he used words other than "black men" and "woman") on his first four covers -- Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Tiger Woods and Danica Patrick -- and used a derogatory term for gay in the presence of a gay page designer, then later laughed it off.

I'm sure Dykstra has good reason for saying all this...

Actually no, I'm pretty sure he doesn't. When you pushing 50 years-old and still calling everyone "bro", you're bound to get yourself caught up in a scandal you can't juice your way out of. Yeah, I said it. Juice. Juice motherfucker! Juice!

And by the way - doesn't Nails know Derek Jeter isn't "all the way" black?


Anonymous said...

not sure what this has to do with him building an empire with half a brain. Seems as though his show of ignorance solidfys the fact that he made money despite being a dummy

Doc Holliday said...

I think people knew he was dumb, but still invested with him. By calling people "fags" and "n**ggers", that's pretty much the end of anyone working with him, if only to save themselves the wrath of consorting with an exposed bigot.

Plus, he's under investigation with the IRS. That never helps.