Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Aww, what's wrong little girl? Daddy had to get a 2nd job and STILL couldn't afford tickets to the game?

Following up on the previous post that touched on things involving the Yankees costing too much, I don't think I want to live in a world where the price of tickets to a baseball game has come to this:


"According to the Yankees' Web site, as of early evening tickets remained at $2,625 for the April 16 home opener against Cleveland, each with a $59.70 convenience charge.

Tickets are priced at $525, $625, $900, $1,050, $1,300 and $2,625 for the Legends seats ringing the infield, which include food and soft drinks. Other field level seats are $90, $125, $225, $250, $300 and $375.

Main level tickets go for $60, $80, $95 and $150, while the terrace level is $50, $75 and $85, grandstand $23 and $30, and bleachers $14.

Tickets for the Delta Sky 360 Suite* sell for $375-800 and the Jim Beam Suite* goes for $120-150 a seat." Courtesy's Spring Blog


I'm all for a free market where supply and demand dictate how much things cost, but there comes a point when you simply have to step back and ask yourself, "Am I really sitting in a seat that costs more than a month's rent in my shitty 1 BR apartment?"

Well...are ya?

*Side note - As the Yankee hating Mets fan that I am, I love how the boys in the Bronx took the "high road" on the stadium naming rights issue and kept the name of the new park Yankee Stadium. Apparently, they just slapped a corporate name on every other damn thing in the place. Delta Sky 360 Suite? Jim Beam Suite? Boy, I can't wait to take a piss in the Gold Bond Medicated Power Urinal in the upper deck!

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Jeff Town, USA said...

I thought you had a shitty 2 bedroom apartment, not just a shitty one bedroom?