Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Gem

So, does the season start tonight again, all you fucking optimistic assholes? Huh? Does it start tonight? Does it start tonight after Monday and last night's shit-show? Does. The. Fucking. Season. Start. Tonight? I WANT ANSWERS!

I take nothing positive away from these two games. Nothing. There was not one thing that made me say, "Wow, at least we have that to look forward to all season!" I wanted to puke after Opening Day. Last night almost drove me toward starting up a heroin addiction. If they keep up the shenanigans and lose tonight, I may just have to.

Something needs to be done. Maybe Girardi should surprise the fuck out of everyone and drive a spear through a bat-boy's face during a pregame pep talk - maybe that will open some fucking eyes.

Apparently I was wrong, because I thought having God's hysterical joke of a human being on the D.L. for a month would be motivation in itself to play well, but maybe these assholes need a better reason.

Anyway, pass the gin. I'm going for a walk...

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