Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Before You Become Mutinous

Once again, Yankees fans are spiraling into panic mode. They take one look at Wang's inflated ERA and immediately denounce him as the son of Satan or the brethren of failure. True, he has looked awful through two starts this season. But now is not the time to abandon ship. Did the United States abandon Captain Richard Phillips when those walking skeletons took him hostage? NO! They shot them all in the head. That's what the Yankees should do - shoot everyone in the fucking head that calls for Wang's dismissal.

(puts pistol to the head of innocent villager)
(screams in Cambodian)

Okay...Now that we're all calm - let's step back and assess the situation. Wang's velocity is fine. His Achilles is fine. It's his mechanics that are causing the trouble. His sinker isn't sinking, turning it into a stagnant fastball down the middle each time he throws it. All coaches and managers agree that his mechanics are off. The same thing happened to CC at the beginning of last season, and he went on to win 17 games and form his own 1 man rotation in Milwaukee (and they even had Jeff Suppan!).

Let's also not forget that Wang made only 15 starts last season before his freak injury. So, before everyone starts to call for the return of the Mighty Phil Hughes, let's wait and see if he can turn it around.

If I'm calm, then you should be calm. Let's all stay calm here! Now that we're calm again, don't make me get my gun...

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Upstate Underdog said...

Good post, no need to hit the panic button just yet.