Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Girardi Watch

As we all know, the Yankees have lost their first two games of the season and the Mets won their first two. What does that mean in Yankee land? Time to overreact! In the spirit of irrationality, I think it's the right time of the season to start guessing when Yankee skipper Joltin' Joe Girardi-o will be fired.

Enter the first new semi-regular recurring post related to the 2009 baseball season on WMHG:

The Girardi Watch

The theme of the post is a play on words. Not only are we "watching" to see when he gets canned, but the Doomsday Clock (pictured above) can also be thought of as a Doomsday Watch, ya know, since they both tell time!

(slips on banana peel)

Anyway...I chose the Doomsday Clock graphic to tie into the post because the firing of a manager usually signifies precisely what the Doomsday Clock was created to symbolize: complete and utter global nuclear annihilation.

In case you're not familiar with the clock, the number of minutes to midnight it's set to equals just how symbolically close we all are (or in this case, Girardi is) to the fiery end.

After back-to-back disastrous games to start the season, the clock has officially been set to:


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Doc Holliday said...

You want war? You got it.