Monday, April 13, 2009

Jumping to Conclusions

If I heard it once, I heard it fifteen times yesterday - if Joba Chamberlain wasn't in the rotation, he would have shut yesterday's game out. If Joba came in, the Yankees would have cruised through the 7th and 8th innings. If Joba was available, he would have broke the sound barrier, de-caved Al-Qaeda, and cured Alex Rodriguez of his gayness.

While this might be true, I still think he should be starting.

(And just for the record, the loss was Girardi's fault, and no one else's. He should have kept Veras in. Matching Coke against a righty? That's just dumb.)

Now, back to the Joba debate. The real question here is - and trust me, I understand how overblown this argument is, especially since it's now brewing after an April loss to K.C. - would the Yankees have had the lead if Joba didn't start? What if it were Kennedy or Hughes or Aceves? These guys are crapshoots. While Hughes probably be the most successful of the trio, it doesn't mean he should be in the rotation when Joba is obviously a more polished starter.

The bullpen was mismatched against K.C. on Sunday - plain and simple. The manager shit the bed. So put the "Joba to the bullpen" signs away. When he's mowing down hitters for seven innings (while not pitching in a monsoon), everyone will be okay with it. Until then, relax, have a fucking drink, take a bong hit, but lay off the panic button for a month or two.

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