Monday, April 6, 2009

MLB Notes: Opening Night

Hope all of you loyal WMHG readers enjoyed opening night, as you know, I sure did. Two quick notes worth commenting on from a great game to open the 2009 season:

1) It was subtle, but did you notice the Phillies new uniforms? As you can see from the diagram, they've upgraded their standard home uniform's with a line of gold trim to commemorate last year's World Series title. I know most teams will celebrate the season following a W.S. win with a patch or something, but you can tell how win-starved a franchise is when they change their entire uniform to remind everyone that they won last year. It almost seems like they did it to remind themselves that it wasn't a dream, and yes, they actually won last season (you can't tell I'm bitter, can you?).

2) New Braves closer Mike Gonzalez was so nervous when he got the call to come in the game on Opening Night that apparently he was hammered drunk. As you can see from the link, his stance on the mound before he delivers from the stretch is spread-out and unorthodox. What you can't see from that photo is that he wiggles around from side to side in constant motion before he begins his delivery. He honestly appears to be too drunk to stand up straight. Yet another reason I hate the Braves.

All in all, a good night. I never though I'd be rooting for the Braves, ever, but it's funny how life changes. Excuse me a moment while I swallow this cyanide pill...

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