Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Saga Continues

Denying Boston some Wang could be a good thing, seeing that there are already a ton of Wangs (or dickheads, perhaps?) to go around in the greater Beantown area, already. And seeing Wang get blown up in front of a bunch of drunken Massholes would only sink the poor bastard into an even deeper funk.

But is it a smart move in the long run?

While it definitely gives the Yankees brass and coaches more time to delay the inevitable - whether it's a demotion to the bullpen or a quality comeback start - this could mean an even stiffer blow to our Thai friend's morale. But let's not forget that in recent history, there have been several Yankee pitchers who have started off poorly and made a serious comeback (Moose 2008 anyone?), although none of them looked as epically shitty as Wang has thus far.

Overall, I say good move. Give the man some time to rehash his abysmal showings - watching highlights of yourself getting shelled over and over again never hurt anyone, right? And If he comes back next week and implodes, then it's time to get the Phil Hughes express warmed-up - three years and running, by the way!

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