Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tough Decision Looms

It was a beautiful Saturday. Hot, balmy, even. A perfect day to sit in a dark, stuffy bar and drink a bunch of beers while the rest of the world returned to daylight without a faggy scarf or douchey peacoat. I was looking forward to some day-drinking and baseball. There was even a few stray butterflies circling my gut, in anticipation of what was supposed to be Chien-Ming Wang's return to rotation stalwart. After striking out Sizemore, and putting the Indians down in order, and Tex crushing one for a 2-0 lead, I was positive the Yankees would win. It would be a nice, easy victory, allowing me to slowly go comatose to the tune of a dozen fizzing Boggs's.

Obviously this didn't happen. I left one bar going into the top of the second, wandered for about ten minutes, strolled into another bar, and saw the score was 6-2. Then 7-2. Then rookie reliever Anthony Clagett absorbed what is the professional baseball equivalent of gang-rape. Then my vision got hazy. Then I switched to Stella. I wanted to numb it. I wanted to forget that the man leaving the game after 1 2/3 innings used to be the Yankees Ace. Eventually I did. But the 800 lb. gorilla in the room that all Yankees fans have to face is, what do the Yankees do next?

A weeks ago, I was completely against a panic. Now? Not so much. And the worst part is, the Yankees can't option Wang to the minors. So, if the Yankees allow him take his turn in Fenway - letting him walk into the fucking Lion's den armed with nothing more than a nerf football and a cap gun - he has to come out better than before. Because if there's no AAA option, and no DL reason, the brass may be faced with a decision that not one expert could foresee over the winter, and definitely one that no team wants to make in the month of April.


AK-47 said...

I think the real question is what the hell do I do with him?! He's on my fantasy team!!!

Upstate Underdog said...

Is there any way Wang can be deported back to Taiwan?