Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charlie Hustle Knows What's Worse

You know who and what I hate besides tourists, religious zealots, raisins and Boston? I hate Pete Rose. Yes, I said it. I hate Charlie fucking Hustle. Fuck him and his dick haircut and prominent lower jaw. And fuck his opinions too. He take his precious opinions and ram them up his Floridian-sun-tanned ass.

How did this hatred come to pass? Well, after reading snippets from a recent interview with Rose, I wanted to puke. Then I wanted to scream. Then I wanted to thrust my head through a bay window. Because I can't stand when assholes like Pete are asked simple questions, and then have to throw their rusted two cents in to make sure everyone remembers that they're not the real fucking enemy.

Case in point, when recently asked by a reporter about A-Rod's Hall of Fame chances, Rose responded with this retardy:

"I'm willing to give a guy a second chance," said Rose, who added that he thinks steroid use is a more egregious wrongdoing than being a manager and wagering on his own team "because [steroid use] can have a direct impact on the outcome of a game," the News wrote.

First of all, douchebag, he hasn't had a first chance. He tested positive for steroids. He's still playing. He hasn't been banned from the game, unlike some other OTB-loving-dickhead I know. There's no need for a second chance/reinstatement. And you cannot decide whether a player deserves to be in the HOF until after he retires. You can speculate, you can assume, but you cannot decide. Remember this while you untuck your gigantic head from your asshole.

Second of all, the fact that you really think a manager who wagers on his own team is less harmful to the game makes you one of the stupidest human beings on the planet. You should be paraded around the country in a cage like a sideshow freak so people can witness you're lack of intelligence. And I am no condoning steroid use, because yes, steroids did hurt baseball, but betting on games that you have a direct hand in is similar to point-shaving, and is equally as bad! There's no scale here. No one's putting together a chart that decides which offense is worse. As much as you would like to justify your case, and at the same time, villainize the likes of A-Rod, Manny, Shoeless Joe and every other rule offender, it will never convince anyone that has any sort of logic pulsing through their brain.

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