Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creepy Comparison #70 - Career Crossroads

It's rare to find two major league players who look or act alike, since they're always trying to outdue one another in in the, "I'm an indivdual, look at my lime-green pinstripe Armani suit with matching nearly-extinct rhinosaurus bone cufflinks!" department. But Scott Rolen and Jake Peavy fit the bill.

Unfortunately for one, beneficial for the other, their current teams and roles are far apart at the moment. Rolen is enjoying a career ressurgance with the Blue Jays, almost four years after his career died due to steroid injury complications. Peavy is stuck out in San Diego thousands of miles from the comfort of his duck blind in Alabama, busy porking plump college co-eds from S.D. State and wishing he could clone Adrian Gonzalez, minus the rapist mustache.

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