Monday, May 18, 2009

Creepy Comparison #72: White Boyz

There aren't many people out there that have seen the movie, "White Boyz", mainly because it's in the top 5 for worst movies in the history of film, and it's never on TV before 1am, and the only channel that plays it is Starz Black. The movie is a stupid concept about three wiggers from Iowa, reinforced by terrible acting, namely the lead part, Danny Hoch. You may know Hoch from such other pieces of shit as, "Russell Simmons Presents: Def Poetry" or "Bamboozled". And while he did have bit parts in "Black Hawk Down" and "We Own the Night", he deserved them as much as I deserve to throw out the first pitch in this year's World Series. Hoch is a huge fucking loser. If you want to really, really hate someone after seeing them just once on screen, watch "White Boyz" it will make you want to drive screwdrivers into your eye sockets.

And since Blue Jays Scott Richmond resembles Hoch, I can no longer watch the Jays when he's on the bump. It's uncanny, thus forcing me to concentrate all my thoughts on how many different ways I would strangle him with a coat hanger.

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