Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creepy Comparison #73: The Weak Chin Edition

There aren't many shows on television today worth my inestimable time, because most of them are either bullshit reality shows featuring collagen-filled women bitching about there wealthy, in-the-closet husbands, sappy dramas centered around unlikable cookie-cut characters that I would rather see beaten with a fire hose than relate to, or comedies that make "Homeboys in Space" look like fucking "All in the Family".

Then there's, "Rescue Me". If you don't watch it - watch it. It's worth 42 minutes of your life. It's got everything: comedy, drama, sex, and excessive use of profanity. On the left is actor John Scurti, who plays firehouse lieutenant Kenny "Lou" Shea. He's fat, cynical, and worldly, something every show needs. On the right is Nationals first basemen Nick Johnson, who's been injured more times than Washington's entire roster. They share a love of weak chins and mustaches. I marvel at weak chins and mustaches. You should too.

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Tracy said...

Rescue Me is the best show on tv. I love it for its profane language(I can't believe FX can get away w/ all that!), its political incorrectness, immature male humor, dark humor, scenes that make me laugh so hard it hurts one minute, & the next scenes that make me cry. It can be gut wrenching @ times. I'm a woman, & I love all the swearing & tail chasing by the guys.
Lou is my favorite character. Not only is he cynical & worldly, he's the most sensitive & intelligent of the guys, & frankly, he's HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!