Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delgado Done, Bring Out the Freaks

Now that Carlos Delgado's steroid abuse career has finally caught up with him, how will the Mets continue their first place success? Can they insert Fernando Tatis (hopefully he still has the contract he obtained from Satan last year for selling his soul) or Gary Sheffield into the lineup on an every day basis and still be a successful team? If you ask this guy, adding Gary Sheffield to a lineup is like adding salt to an already corroded piece of metal, or sticking your fingers down your throat after you've already vomited several times over, but what the fuck do I know?

Since AK has been on an unpaid vacation - probably living off of Uncle Walt's fruitful teet, and has yet to write a 4,000 word essay on David Murphy's pregame talcum powder application - I want to know what other Mets fans have to say. Is the team better off without Delgado, a guy who seems to hit more valleys than peaks and has the same emotional state as a 40 year-old unmarried woman? Or is the prospect of having Tatis or Sheffield out there every day just too much to handle?

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xGooks said...

we're definitely not "better off" without him. when he was on last year (i.e. apparently found his bag ' roids he must have misplaced for a couple months), he carried us for stretches and probably could have had a couple of those here this year. that being said, i think it actually gives us an opportunity to play murph and church on a more regular basis which i'm not completely terrified of, yet. that being said - THEY NEED TO LEARN TO STEP ON THE FUCKING BAG WHEN THEY ARE ROUNDING IT! that's all.