Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Video: Mike Francesa is Insane

A lot of people hate Mike Francesa. More than a lot; a ton. He's brash, quick to the jump the gun, chugs Diet Coke like it's Fountain of Youth elixir, and refuses to accept anyone's opinions but his own. But you gotta hand it to the guy, at least he's consistent. And for that, I respect him. I respect him more because I saw him at a wedding last year and he was wearing a white blazer and an open collar like he was a stand in for John Cazale in, "The Godfather II", but that's beside the point.

This clip is from earlier this week. A caller suggests that Joba is the Yankees best starter. Mike does not like that. What you are about to see is a man tip-toeing the line between excited and heart attack. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

amazing clip..nothing better then a Francesa spaz out

Anonymous said...

"wait a second joba..wait a second alex"