Monday, May 4, 2009

It Must Run in the Family

If you're older than 40, and selling Meth is your primary source of income, then you have some serious life issues to ponder. Someone needs to tell that to Joba Chamberlain's mother, who was arrested for apparently selling Crystal Meth to an undercover cop.

When you look at the whole scope of the issue, it's kind of depressing (and hilarious), especially because it wasn't a flashy drug like coke, or a cool drug like weed, or a trendy drug like Oxycodone. It's fucking meth. It makes your teeth fall out. It makes you lose weight. It gives you severe diarrhea. It makes you give handjobs to homeless men in dark alleyways and under highway offramps. In short, Meth is some bad shit.

Now, I wonder who's situation is worse, Joba's, or Dustin Pedroia's? Personally, I'm taking the rock-slinging mom over the pedophile brother, but hey, I guess it's a matter of preference.

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