Friday, May 8, 2009

Let the Healing Begin, And the Ignorance Dissipate

Now that Manny Ramirez has been formally outted from the steroids/PED's/bitch-tit-medication closet, it's safe to say that the unblemished and celebrated 2004 Red Sox team had themselves some blemishes, because if you believe he started using on the Dodgers, than you should wrap your ignorant lips around a FedEx truck's tailpipe. It was only a matter of time before the ESPN custom-built ivory tower that held the lovable and blue-collar Boston Red Sox franchise came crumbling the fuck down. I may sound satisfied by this. Well, I am, but only a little bit. Not because a player who was a major catalyst on the 2004 team has been implicated and suspended, but more so because some truth will finally surface, punching those cocky, shocked, gasping faces from Boston right in the fucking mouth, forcing them to realize that the game was tainted for over a decade, on all facets. Their team, their players, and their dream season was no exception. And you know what, I hope it makes not just Sox fans realize, but everyone realize that the game was infected, for a long time, and everyone is suspect.

When the Mitchell report came out, the amount of shit being spouted at Yankees fans by Red Sox supporters not only made me sick, but also made me question the validity of said people's baseball intelligence. Did these people honestly think that no one on the Red Sox Championship roster was juicing during their run? Really? That kind of logic baffles me. How about Trot Nixon, who hit 79 home runs from 2001-2003, but then never hit more than 15 and was out of baseball four years later at the age of 34. And how about Mark Bellhorn? He slugged 27 home runs in 2002, another 17 in 2004, and then disappeared (with his two-sided batting helmet) after the 2005 crackdown on steroids. And then there's the white whale, David Ortiz, a guy who three seasons ago hit 54 home runs, and now, at age 33, has yet to hit 1 through 100 at bats.

I don't get off on speculating. Actually, I'm usaully one to shun it. But what I'm trying to point out is, the quicker we find out who is clean and who is dirty, the easier it will be for me to win arguments while drunk in a bar with dickhead stubborn fans everyone to finally accept that the sport went through very, very harsh times. But we're in healing mode now. It's sort of like being in abusive relationship - right now, with names like Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez being linked, we're finally seeing the approaching blue and red lights from police cars coming to whisk away to freedom.

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