Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Outta Here, Joe

Call me a cynic, call me a traitor, call me whatever the fuck you want, but I want Joe Girardi gone. Fired. 86'd. He sucks and he's a coward. And having a coward at the helm of your team is like going to war with a water pistol - a bad idea. The Red Sox have thoroughly pounded the Yankees into submission already, and it's only 5 games into their 18 game set. But they own us. Watching the game, you feel like it would be a miracle if the Yankees pulled one out. The Red Sox fans have this bubbling confidence that seems oddly familiar. Before Girardi took over, and even after the '04 collapse with Torre in charge, THAT WAS HOW US YANKEES FANS FELT!

Pulling Joba last night in the 6th after he retired 8 in a row on strikeouts because of a fucking pitch count was the last fucking straw. Premature, you say? I disagree. Why wait? What sort of managerial traits has he shown that are positive? Girardi has to go. Not only am I sick of the way he misuses the bullpen (Albababababababadajo in the 8th, really?), I'm sick of his pussy attitude toward everything. Complaining about the A-Rod book and saying, "enough is enough" was just plain gay. It will never be enough with the media, so just pass on the question. Don't get hormonal and start whining like a bitch, just ignore it, because it's never going away! Throw in Girardi's weird adulation for Brett Gardner and Cody Ransom, and it's enough to make me want to plunge several fingers down my fucking esophagus.

Now I'm the one saying enough is enough. Promote Tony Pena, or hire someone with a set, and let's fucking win some goddamn games.


Rance Mulliniks said...

I agree, Girardi should be sent packin, let him get a analyst job on MLB TV at 3AM.

Giradi got way too much credit for that one solid season in south Florida.

The Marlins have a great organization, some of the best dorks pushin paper in pro sports.

Did u see when Giradi cried when Farnsworth got traded away. What was he gonna miss, reach arounds on road trips at the Best Western.

Doc Holliday said...

I agree with everything you said, especially the crying, that was out of context, weird, and unacceptable. It's Kyle Farnsworth, not fucking Bernie Williams or someone of that magnitude! WTF??