Monday, May 11, 2009

They're Back?

I laughed them off after the first week of the regular season like a drunk laughing off approaching headlights as he lounges along the double yellow line. And I'm sure all fans of other teams in the American League East did the same. But now, after as many as 34 games played, could the Toronto Blue Jays not be the mark that I was suspecting them to be?

I'm going to be honest here, the Jays make me nervous. They have the greatest right-handed pitcher in baseball. They have Scott Downs and what is probably the most underrated bullpen in baseball. They have a seemingly endless supply of pitching prospects able to provide quality start after quality start. They have longtime prospects like Adam Lind finally delivering. They are pretty much the complete opposite of the New York Yankees.

(sobs uncontrollably into blanket)

Now, I don't want the Blue Jays to succeed. For all I care, those French-Fucks can go disappear into the Canadian wilderness. But, I do get a sense of satisfaction when I go back and read through certain "writers" offseason "grades" for the Jays. Many of them assumed that by not adding any player of significant value, they were doomed. I always enjoy the shortcomings of so-called "experts" that actually know less about how a front-office works than I do about the history of Crochet. But I am a little jittery about the team's run. So to satisfy my worries, I'm quietly banking on a colossal three-man collision involving Marco Scutaro, Aaron Hill, and what's formerly known as Scott Rolen's shoulder. Hopefully that will end this charade, if it is a charade at all...

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