Monday, May 4, 2009

When in Doubt, Send to the DL

Chalk this one up as a win for the good guys: Damaso Marte is headed to the DL. Who celebrates things like this? I do. Why? Because Marte is a fucking waste of gold-shavings-filled Yankees Stadium Clubhouse airspace. He was nothing short of terrible last season after arriving in the Bronx, and since he received his mind-numbingly retarded three-year contract from GM Fat Boy and Co., he has been even worse.

A few Yankee fans I know believed - prior to the injury - that the team should let Marte pitch through his woes. And by "woes", I mean, "complete and utter disgrace to pitching, his family, and Jesus fucking Christ". I thought this was a terrible idea. Sort of like asking a trust-fund child to assault a 6'5'' angry black man. Thankfully, there will be no severe beatings in the near future, that is, until Chien-Ming Wang returns from the brainwash room in "A Clockwork Orange".


xGooks said...

Please copy and paste for Oliver Perez. Thank you.

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